What is the Radical Assembly?

The Radical Assembly is a network of activists aiming to support revolutionary movement against all systems of oppression.

We formed in May 2015, in the aftermath of the shock Tory election victory, at the ‘Radical Left General Assembly’ in London called by Brick Lane Debates. This was attended by around 1000 people from across the radical left spectrum, including both seasoned activists and people wanting to organise for the first time. At a series of subsequent assemblies the network took shape, creating a name, a set of principles, and splitting into various groups. We now organise in a number of geographical areas, as well as in cross-regional working groups and caucuses.

Today, the Radical Assembly is:

  • A network that aims to support revolutionary movement against all systems of oppression, especially when led by those most affected. This includes but is not limited to ableism, capitalism, homophobia, imperialism, patriarchy, racism and transphobia.

  • A network of independent groups and individuals that come together to support each other and plan collective direct action.

  • A network rooted in localised grassroots campaigning, aiming to scale this up to the city-wide level, and showing solidarity with regional and global struggles.

  • A network that organises in a bottom-up, direct-democratic way, aiming to maximise participation, transparency and accountability in decision making.

  • A network which aims to grow and unite people in active struggle against systems of oppression.

  • A network that educates and shares skills, knowledge and resources to facilitate community and workplace self-organising.

We aim to organise in an open, participatory and horizontal way. There are no leaders or central committee. Individual Radical Assembly groups remain autonomous from one another, coming together to support each other, arrange joint actions and share resources. As long as groups and individuals act within the Radical Assembly’s principles then they can be part of the network, and contribute to its decision making and forward movement.

We arrange direct action, demonstrations, discussion events, film nights, socials, workshops and more. Our online spaces act as hubs of information for people to find out about grassroots campaigns in their area. We try to create a supportive environment for people new to or marginalised from activism.

If you would like to find out more, you can email us at the address below, or contact an existing group. We are now encouraging people to start new groups anywhere in the UK and beyond. We can give you support and assistance in getting started, finding others to organise with, and provide tools and techniques to start taking action.

radicalassembly [at] riseup [dot] net


Join the mailing list https://lists.riseup.net/www/info/radicalassembly (click green subscribe button on the left)




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