Our principles

The Radical Assembly is:

  • A network that aims to support revolutionary movement against all systems of oppression, especially when led by those most affected. This includes but is not limited to ableism, capitalism, homophobia, imperialism, patriarchy, racism and transphobia.

  • A network of independent groups and individuals that come together to support each other and plan collective direct action.

  • A network rooted in localised grassroots campaigning, aiming to scale this up to the city-wide level, and showing solidarity with regional and global struggles.

  • A network that organises in a bottom-up, direct-democratic way, aiming to maximise participation, transparency and accountability in decision making.

  • A network which aims to grow and unite people in active struggle against systems of oppression.

  • A network that educates and shares skills, knowledge and resources to facilitate community and workplace self-organising.