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Films screened by Radical Assembly groups and related projects:

‘Ditching the Fear’ (1h 20m), on Italian logistics worker organising

‘Working Illegally’, on immigration detention centres (30m)

Deliveroo workers on strike (2m 19)

‘Si Se Puede’ – on the Spanish anti-evictions movement (1h)

Successful eviction resistance in Walthamstow (5m)

‘Our Present is Your Future’ – health workers organising in Greece (21m)

Community organised food, healthcare and clothing distribution in Syntagma Square, Athens (22m)

‘Dear Mandela’ – on the South African shack dwellers’ movement Abahlali baseMjondolo (1h 30m)

(Trailer) ‘Every Cook Can Govern: The life of CLR James’ – on the Trinidadian Marxist

(Trailer) ‘In the Real’ on the Bristol Hearing Voices Network


Future Without Work (presentations)

Future Without Work (group discussion)

Basic Income and Women’s Liberation

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